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BabyWare V5.4.26 - Paradox centralių programavimui

StandartinėParašytas: Ket Geg 06, 2021 11:32 am

Skirta programuoti:
EVOHD, EVO192, SP4000, SP65, SP5500, SP6000, SP7000, MG6250, MG5000, MG5050 ir MG5075

Sisteminiai reikalavimai:
- Android or IOS are not compatible
- 512MB of RAM (1GB Recommended)
- Intel® Pentium® 4, 1.4GHz processor or faster
- 150 MB of available hard-disk space for installation (additional 150 MB recommended for multi-accounts and events)
- 1280 X 1024 video display with 32-bit color adapter

Babyware v5.4.26_Setup.zip
BabyWare V5.4.26
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